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    Company Profile

    Company Profile


    Hangzhou Dacheng Industrial Co., Ltd., is a professional production of international standard credit card, ATM card (ATM card), IC smart card, ID card, information of all kinds of PVC plastic cards and related equipment development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises.

    Founded in 2000, the company has a plant area of more than 3700 square meters, more than 200 employees, secondary or higher education accounted for 40% of the main production lines imported from Switzerland to win the company, Germany Heidelberg four-color offset printing equipment offset press output reached 700,000 / day, of IC card 80,000 / day, the main raw material PVC use German imported PVC chip mask Taiwan Formosa Plastics. ribbon Italy CIM. magnetic card using the German Kurz, ordinary PVC data card Company and product quality in line with international ISO standards, the products are widely sold in domestic banking, insurance, public transport, postal services, telecommunications, public security, finance and taxation, energy, commerce, tourism, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, education and other industries. The monthly output of up to 20-25 million, Zhejiang province, the first card companies.